Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Top 5 Perfumes

Hey Everyone. So my weekend was busy, all work and no play so could not wait to do a post. More to Follow. Anywho, here's my all time favourite perfumes, in no particular order. I am absolutely useless in describing smells so i found all the descriptions through google! Cheeky eh?

1) "Dior Addict" By Christian Dior
Indulges the senses with silk tree flower along with lucious bourbon vanilla blended with sandalwood and tonka bean.

2) "Elle" By Yves Saint Laurent
A feminine, audacious fragrance that mixes dazzling floral and woody tones, including pink berries.

3) "Euphoria" By Calvin Klein
A fun, enticing scent for woman. Blends pomegranate with lotus blossom, black orchid, amber and cream.

4) "212 Sexy" By Carolina Herrera
Very seductive blend of tangerine and rose
pepper mixed with floral petals and hints of
cotton candy.

5) "Angel" By Thierry Mugler
Refreshing yet sweet scent. Very feminine fragrance with a blend of vanilla and fruit such as melons, peaches and plums.

Hope you guys enjoyed.
What are your favourite perfumes?
Any I'm missing out on?? xoxo

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