Monday, August 31, 2009

MAC Style Black Collection

I cannot wait for this collection to come out.
The USA gets the collection on the 24th September.
Released in the UK and Ireland and the rest of the world as far as I know in early October which gives me some time to save.
I wear dark eyes on a daily basis and really like the look of the 4 eyeshadows. I dont think I'll be purchasing the "Black Knight" lipstick although I like the idea of it.
The Nail Varnishes also appeal to me as well as the


Cinderfella-Black with Silver Pearl
Young Punk-Black with Pink/Purple Pearl
Gilt By Association-Black with Gold Bronze Pearl
Blue Flame-Black With Blue Pearl


Nocturnelle-True Black (Permanent)
Seriously Hip-Black With Gold Particle Pearl (Limited Edition)
Baby Goth Girl-Black With Pink and Purple Pearl (Limited Edition)

Happy Birthday Chris Pine!

What A Beautiful Man.

My Favourite Lip Balm EVER!

Lancome's "Aqua Fusion Levres SPF 8 Moisture Glossy Lip Balm"

My Mom buys alot of Lancome skin care items and had this in her makeup bag. I used it and instantly fell in love with it. It is a MUST-HAVE for all makeup bags. Its great to just throw in your handbag!

When applied, it gives a tingly sensation to the lips. It is light blue in colour and leaves a nice glossy but not sticky finish. It has a delicious minty/cucumber flavour which might not be to everybody's taste but I love it!

Its pretty pricey for a lip balm but well worth the cost if you want well hydrated and instantly moisturised lips x

I want.........


This one would be perfect...........
All i need is loadsa MONEY :(
Anyone know a good website with fake relicas??

Thursday, August 27, 2009

7 Months later :(

Mac's Hello Kitty Collection was released in February 09. Fafinettex3 was the makeup guru to introduce me to this collection when she did a Haul video dedicated to this collection.

Of course, I immediately loved everything in the collection but the ONE thing i REALLY wanted was the Lip Conditioner in Pink Fish! Ive had so many opportunities to get it, first when the collection came out, second when my friend told me she knew a girl that worked in the airport that could get it at a discounted price for me, and lastly when another friend went to New York a few weeks ago and said she would find a CCO that still stocked it. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I obviously wasn't meant to have this Mac product! :(

Benefit's Brow Zings

I never used to fill in my eyebrow's up until a few months ago. I never really found the need to as my eyebrows are pretty dark on their own.
After realising one day that my Mom had always filled in her eyebrow's, I thought it was about time I started.
I wanted to purchase an eyebrow pencil originally but then I came across this eyebrow kit at my local Benefit counter.
Brow Zing is a wax and powder combination. The brushed supplied are very good and perfectly angled. The tweezers is small which i find difficult to use, therefore I never use it. I've noticed myself using the powder more so than the wax for some reason. The powder is gorgeous though on my eyebrows and lasts all day long. Its incredible! If i was to rate this product, I would give it 9/10 i think! I love it so much and is a vital part of every growing makeup kit!

Kim Kardashian

Im dedicating this post to Kim Kardashian for one reason and one reason only! Her makeup is ALWAYS amazing. I dont know who her makeup artist is but im already their Number 1 fan!! The colours she wears whether its her eyeshadow, her lipstick/gloss or her blusher, all suit her skin tone and make her face radiant.

Pixiwoo did a great tutorial on how to achieve Kim's smokey eye look! AMAZING!

Welcome :)

Name: Francesca "Frankie" Birmingham
Home:Dublin, Ireland

All you need to know about me is that I LOVE MAKEUP and am in the process of making it my career.....

Im starting a full-time, year long Makeup Artistry course in October. I want to share everything I learn on here :)