Thursday, October 8, 2009

One minute your IN, the next you're OUT!!

Hey Girls!

So I still can't find my camera lead! AHH! Where is it!? I NEED to find it like asap!

Anyway here's my recent In's and Out's. Enjoy!

  • Lush Porridge Soap- I finally got to go to Lush when I went to town the other day! I LOVE THIS SOAP! I was planning on buying "Honey I washed the Kids" but I was so disappointed with it :( I was expecting the smell to be more intense I think, it just didnt smell great. Maybe I was just overwhelmed with the other smells happening in the shop!
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural-I promised myself that I wouldnt buy anything in MAC until I received my MAC Pro Card when I start college but I just couldnt help myself. Ive been wanting to try the Mineralize skinfinish for a while and it was so worth buying. It really sets my foundation and gives me a flawless finish! A definite Must-Have!
  • Gossip Girl- Best Show ever! It helps all the guys are super HOT! Ive had a lot of free time lately so decided to catch up on some episodes! I was half way through Season 2 when I was doing my exams in May and with being so busy I stopped watching it. But I've caught up now and can't wait to watch Season 3! Heard its not doing too well in the US tho :(

  • 15th October-Its taking so long for that date to come around. The day my Fashion, Theatre and Media Makeup Course starts! I have NOTHING to do until then coz i only work weekends! I just cant wait to get a routine back in my life!
  • X-Factor-I love this show, I do, BUT I am not really liking the people that have been put through! In particular, the guy with the afro, Jamie Archer i think it is, and the bi-sexual teacher Daryl something. Cheesy and all they do is cry!!
  • Camera Lead-Its seriously just vanished! I know its somewhere in the house, I just do not know where! I am literally guna spend ALL DAY tomorrow looking for it! Such an effort!

I love reading other blogger's IN'S and OUT'S so I like doing my own! :) xx

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  1. I love 'Ins & Outs'! Might do one myself! So your starting a similar course to me it looks like! I absolutely love it! So much fun! Cant wait to hear all about it! Thanks for following. :)