Thursday, September 17, 2009

Review - NO.7 Mattifying Makeup Base

  • Retails for 14.99 EURO in Boots which isn't too bad compared to some of the prices out there!
  • It's a lovely pearly white colour. The packaging is a decent size considering only a small amount of product is needed.
  • On the back of the tube, it says it can be worn alone or under your foundation however I would not suggest wearing it on its own.
  • Its mattifies the skin the second it is applied. When I first got it, I had no makeup on and decided to try it out on its own which was not a very pleasant experience for my skin :( It's very hard to blend into the skin (which apparently you arent supposed to do??) and leaves the skin feeling rough.
  • SO.....I ALWAYS apply a layer of moisturiser first, leave it a few seconds to soak into the skin and then quickly blend the primer over it!
  • I find foundation goes on so smoothly on top of it with absolutely no shine. It truely does give that matte effect. I use little or no powder as the foundation looks already set.
  • I would highly recommend this product. It is the first primer i've ever used and am interested in any other primers out there if anyone could suggest a few good ones??

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