Monday, September 21, 2009

Lush Lush, Lush Lush

SO......I haveta admit, I have NEVER tried anything from Lush :( It has never really been a problem....until now! I usually walk past the shop or if I do go in, its literally for a bout 2 minutes and them I'm outty! But recently I've been watching more and more youtube videos and reading more and more blogs all LUSH related and have decided its time for my first ever Lush purchase!! I don't know when this is going to be, I suppose next time I'm in the Lush shop in town! :) So If anyone has any recommendations of what you think my first Lush product should be, I'd LOVE to hear them!

Here are some Lush Products I likey the sound of:

Ma Bar Bubble Bar
Porridge Soap
Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

Any opinions?? xx

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